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  • spencer-schmerling-linkedinSpencer Schmerling
    Christopher really knows how to take a client’s vision and turn it into a spectacular outcome. His client skills are phenomenal! All of our clients that he worked with not only loved him, but they were also thrilled with the website or application that we built for them. Christopher is thorough, flexible, efficient, and super friendly. He would be an asset to any organization.
  • Izabel GrayIzabel Grey
    Christopher’s dedication to details is outstanding and he is always perfecting his technical capabilities. His writing is passionate, precise and moving when needed. Have worked with Christopher on business plans, web development and screenplays and in all projects he has been diligent and thorough. He is charismatic and his humor motivates everyone when he walks into the office. I thoroughly recommend him.
  • Joseph Peter SlagaJoseph Peter Slaga
    I reached out to Christopher and asked if he could volunteer some time helping St. Augustine Academy redesign a new website www.saintaugustineacademy.com and Chris was very helpful, competent and super patient.
  • Brian ShieldsBrian Shields
    Christopher Eller is a bright spot of my memories of Datalicious. You could always count on his work to be meticulous and well-researched. His easy-going attitude and sense of humor always made things lighter especially when the pressure was on. He was always, and still is full of ideas and concepts that showed a great entrepreneurial spirit. I expect great things from him in life and I am honored to be associated with him as both a colleague and a friend.
  • Karla FergusonKarla Ferguson
    Christopher Eller is always professional and well prepared with information. He always has a positive attitude in the workplace and it is always a pleasure to work with him. He knows how and when to take the lead on projects.
  • Mark RegisterMark Register
    Chris helped clean up our website on the front and backend. He continues to help make updates improving the site one step at a time. We am happy to have him on the team.
  • jenny-huang-linkedinJenny Huang<
    Christopher is a keen problem solver. His enthusiasm and dedication to the project (TYTWorld.com) was greatly appreciated. I am very satisfied with his work. Additionally, Christopher’s can-do attitude and friendly personality makes him a pleasure to work with.

Service Business Websites

Accountants, builders, chiropractors, dentists, doctors, lawyers, MMA, roofers, remodeling…


Ecommerce Websites

Sell real products or downloadable products online with secure payment processing.


News & Multimedia Websites

Video and news, posts and social media integration for heavy daily news sites.


Online Learning Websites

Private school websites, with online learning, access for teachers, staff, students, parents…


Recurring Revenue Websites

The holy grail of websites earning a select few reliable and predictable income each month.


Membership Revenue Websites

Got a large following who will pay for your private forums, lessons, videos and content?


Community Websites

Need a place for public and/or private discussions, and internal social networking?

Website in a Box

Website in a Box

When you need a mobile ready, SEO ready, professional and economical website fast.


SEO Ready Content

Feed the SEO gods consistent SEO optimized, original posts, videos, and other media.


PPC & Marketing Landing Pages

Never send people to your home page. Always send them to a high converting Landing Page.


PPC Hot Lead Phone Calls

People call you right now, as they search for your services, within 30 miles of your office.


Productive PPC Management

We aggressively refine your PPC advertising so you pay less per click and get more clicks.

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