PPC & Marketing Landing Pages

What is it?

Never send visitors to your home page. Always send them to a high converting Landing Page.

Okay, but what’s a landing page?

A landing page is a web page with one purpose–to cause the visitor to do one thing. And one thing only.

A Landing Page has
no menus

You don’t want your visitor clicking away after you spent so much getting them there.

A Landing Page has
no options

You don’t want your visitor to have CHOICES after they get to your landing page.

A Landing Page has
one context

Remember “no options?” Landing pages focus on one idea only.

Who it’s for?

Landing pages are for everyone who wants a website visitor to take an action.

I could go crazy and list examples here in column after long column of types of businesses that need to use landing pages.

Instead I’ll do something simple. If you do any online advertising or marketing to get people to your website, or if you do any offline marketing or advertising driving people to your home page–you NEED landing pages.

Why would you spend another dime, dollar or sack of money getting people to your website hoping for a sale and letting them see links, text, images, ideas, videos, social sharing icons(!), email signups, white paper downloads, site navigation menus, multiple headlines–or anything but a single purpose landing page?

If you’re guilty of that then you need this: w3VIP Landing Pages.

What do you get?

w3VIP PPC Landing Pages and Marketing Landing Pages work on all devices.

w3VIP Landing Pages are mobile ready.

If your prospect lands on your w3VIP Landing Page with a phone, a tablet, a computer or even a toaster they’ll work perfectly–well not a toaster.


You get a high-converting, expertly designed landing page with your marketing message and a high performing CTA Call To Action.

You get click and conversion tracking so you can understand your CPC Cost Per Click and CPC Cost Per Conversion.

PPC Pay Per Click Advertising?

You get a high-converting, expertly designed landing page with your prominent phone number and a high performing CTA Call To Action.

You get click and conversion tracking so you can understand your CPC Cost Per Click, CPC Cost Per Conversion, and phone tracking so you can understand and your CPC Cost Per Call.

PPC Marketing Landing Pages Specific Options

Your w3VIP Landing Pages are fully loaded and ready to go.

They’ll match your site colors. You can enhance them with options to match thematic elements of your website design as well.

In some case you may want to use video or presentation sliders on your landing pages–so long as it doesn’t prevent the user taking the intended action.

With w3VIP Landing Pages you get initial A/B Split Testing where we tune and refine your landing pages to get the highest conversion possible. However you may want to continuously do A/B Split Testing each month to constantly refine the page and conversion rates.

When it will be effective, W3VIP can add client testimonials and links to their LinkedIn profiles.

When a phone call is not the primary CTA CAll To Action w3VIP has options for lead capture work flow–what happens after your visitor clicks on the big button.

If you’ve got live operators, a receptionist–or you, ready and available to chat with your landing page visitors then w3VIP can offer you real-time, live chat options.

We can even set you up with third-party trust badges if it’s a fit for your visitor’s confidence.


What’s my investment in PPC Marketing Landing Pages?

w3VIP PPC Marketing Landing Pages begin in the low four figures per landing page context. However multiple pages using the same design lower your total investment as you incur only one design and setup expense.

Additional work flow options, content, media and tracking choices affect your investment value.

In general, more landing pages is better–and the more landing pages you order the better the pricing per page becomes.

Ready to A C C E L E R A T E  your offline revenue online?

w3VIP All Inclusive Services Can Do This For You