Productive PPC Management

What is it?

w3VIP Productive PPC Management is our service that works relentlessly to increase your ROI by leveraging audience relevant PPC ad exposure while minimizing the CPC Cost Per Click and increasing the effectiveness of your CTAs Calls To Action.

Wait a minute isn’t PPC that Pay Per Click advertising stuff that I heard I’ll lose so much money trying?

Yes. YOU can lose lots of money if you don’t know what you’re doing and you throw hundreds and thousands of dollars at PPC advertising like a metaphor for a bad gambling addiction.

w3VIP Productive PPC Management doesn’t do that. We do something outlandish on the other side of the spectrum.

We work like creative mad scientists doing PPC DNA testing and actions to turn your PPC Campaigns into unicorns. Unicorns are mythical creatures–but w3VIP PPC Ad Management can help you develop high performing, high paying, business and profit growing ads.

And we call those high performing ads PPC Unicorns.

Who it’s for?

The clients who will benefit the most from this are service businesses.

w3VIP Progressive PPC Management is for w3VIP clients only.

We do not currently provide this service for non-clients.

What do you get?

w3VIP Progressive PPC Management begins with your PPC Analysis and Competitor Analysis.

Once we understand your ROI potential we’ll give you a quote to establish your campaign(s) as well as manage them for your best profitability possible. You’ll be able to use our analysis to buy PPC services from any reputable PPC management firm. However, if you choose us to do w3VIP Progressive PPC Management we’ll rebate the complete cost of your analysis.

After the analysis, and your commitment to your ROI using our Progressive PPC Management, we’ll begin your PPC project(s).

More specifically, with w3VIP Progressive PPC Management you get:

Progressive PPC Management Specific Options

You can begin simple with one campaign only, or begin with multiple campaigns to target discrete prospect audiences.

If you’ve never engaged in PPC campaigns before we recommend beginning with one campaign.

However, if you’ve done this before and you know the ROI power and potential then we’ll establish and manage as many campaigns as you desire (within reason).

Each w3VIP Progressive PPC Campaign enjoys the following:

  • Immaculate conception (a pure campaign start)
  • PPC Funnel plan
  • PPC Landing page
  • PPC Call tracking and reporting
  • PPC CPC tracking and reporting
  • PPC Conversion tracking and reporting
  • PPC Landing page tracking and reporting
  • PPC ROI tracking and reporting
  • w3VIP PPC “Secret Sauce Mojo”

What’s my investment in Progressive PPC Management?

Each PPC campaign is unique and will vary with your specific goals.

The typical w3VIP Progressive PPC Management program begins in the low four figures.

In most best cases the more you invest in your PPC advertising the more phone calls you’ll receive, and the higher quality they’ll be.

Essential components are your w3VIP websites or web applications. The more relevant your sites and content are, the more relevant we can make your PPC advertising.

And w3VIP knows how to lower your cost per click over time while your competitors can pay a higher cost per click–for the same clicks.

Ready to A C C E L E R A T E  your offline revenue online?

w3VIP All Inclusive Services Can Do This For You