w3VIP Constant Content

What is it?

Constant Content is where we continuously add new, SEO ready content to your site.

w3VIP can provide advanced, optimized “Constant Content” services for existing clients.

In fact we recommend and hope you’ll use Constant Content to increase your online property values.

Who it’s for?

w3VIP Constant Content is for w3VIP clients only.

w3VIP does not currently offer Constant Content services to non-clients.

What do you get?

As soon as your site is live you enjoy the power of w3VIP All Inclusive Services and our laser-focused attention growing your profits and ROI.

All things being equal, the more high-quality content you add to your online properties over time–the better your organic/natural SEO results.

It all beings with organic/natural SEO research into your specific contexts.

Then w3VIP Constant Content is prepared to leverage everything to get you the most value (SEO weight) for your content.

  • SEO optimized pages
  • SEO optimized articles (posts)
  • SEO optimized videos
  • SEO optimized images
  • SEO optimized graphics
  • Other SEO optimized media
  • Other SEO optimized content

This is typically blog posts, videos, or other media. It can also be extended product or service information pages. It’s anything that search engines can evaluate vs. your current content value and your competitor’s content value.

Each new content item is carefully researched in order to outpace and re-position your competitors. We won’t share the secret sauce for constant content but the long-term ROI typically outpaces the cost as your site slowly rises to dominate your competitor’s sites.

First position is 1,000 times better than second.

Coca~Cola or Pepsi?

eBay or Yahoo Auctions?

Amazon or —–?

Google or —–well never mind. You get the idea.

When new content is added it is carefully linked within your site (and older content is linked back to the new for the maximum benefit).

Additionally, your content is linked offsite (to other sites on the internet) that are contextually related, have a high page rank, and good SEO standing.

The search engine gods love to see people sharing their content wealth.

Where it won’t water down your online property values, the new content can also be linked to your other sites, social and media. Where of course we work with you to create the optimal back links from those properties to the new content.

w3VIP Constant Content Specific Options

When you choose to increase your website or web application value, organic search postions, and your website profitability with w3VIP Constant Content you get everything.

The only limit is your budget and the normal constraints on the internet. Well almost…

You see the search engines know the average amount of content regularly produced by all industries and business types. So regardless of your budget we’ll not exceed “normal” production levels causing red flags about your site(s) with the search engine gods.

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