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See What
Clients Say

See What Clients Say

Chris helped clean up our website on the front and backend. He continues to help make updates improving the site one step at a time. We am happy to have him on the team.

Mark Register
Creative Director

I found Chris to be extremely detailed and very adept at handling various challenges. I also enjoyed his sense of humor and enthusiasm with which he approached each day.

Wyatt Hardy
ROM Engineer

Christopher Eller is a bright spot of my memories of Datalicious. You could always count on his work to be meticulous and well-researched. His easy-going attitude and sense of humor always made things lighter especially when the pressure was on. He was always, and still is full of ideas and concepts that showed a great entrepreneurial spirit. I expect great things from him in life and I am honored to be associated with him as both a colleague and a friend.

Brian Sheilds
Director Software Engineering

I have always found Chris to be incredibly energetic, postive and hardworking. His attitude is always one of can-do and he puts all of his energy into every job that he undertakes. He doesn't easily accept no for an answer, but instead finds ways to turn the negative into a positive opportunity.

Mary Ann Hinrichsen
Broker Associate


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